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Re: calling program

From: Big Planet <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 16:18:28 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Thanks all for your help . I got the answer .

Big P

  Not exactly true...

  Well, since original question was, if it's possible to know calling procedure (or program),   I think DBMS_UTILITY..FORMAT_CALL_STACK function will return as a VARCHAR2 call stack, which will provide info at least about calling PL/SQL units (procedures, functions, or just anonymous blocks).   Check the docs on DBMS_UTILITY..FORMAT_CALL_STACK.

  Igor Neyman, OCP DBA     

    Big Planet,

    Whoa, now there's a can of worms!

    In a word - no. Not unless you pass that info. in as an argument.

    Think about what you're asking. Since PL/SQL procedures can be called from, not only other PL/SQL procedures and functions, but the SQL*Plus command line, ODBC calls, Java programs, etc. etc., what would be the identification mechanism?

    Also, since PL/SQL functions can be embedded in SQL statements, there's yet another problem - how does a SQL statement know/report what program is using it?

    The overhead to give you what you're asking would, IMHO, be too high if provided by the PL/SQL engine.


    Jack C. Applewhite
    Database Administrator/Developer
    OCP Oracle8 DBA
    iNetProfit, Inc.
    Austin, Texas
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      Hi LIst ,
      Is there a way a pl/sql procedureor function  can know the calling procedure or calling program .


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