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RE: set_sql_trace_in_session

From: Orr, Steve <>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 16:28:49 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Bruce,

I thought of that but we have many VERY quick connects and disconnects (web application without persistent connections) so I'm not sure whether the loop would catch everything or what the overhead may be. I'll probably give it a try anyway to see what comes out.

Well I could do this:
alter SYSTEM set events '10046 trace name context forever, level 8'; but... it gives a lot of sys user stuff too. How to do this on a single schema?

Anyone ever done this on a production system? It's connected to developing a "real life" benchmarking routine.

Steve Orr

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[] Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 4:36 PM
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Cc: Orr, Steve


How about writing a PL SQL cursor to loop through all dedicated connections and then for each Sid, to use:


Do a similar thing to turn it off.

Bruce Reardon

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Sent: Tuesday, 20 November 2001 10:25

On a similar note, I'm looking for a way to toggle trace system-wide. Changing the init.ora sql_trace parameter is not an option since it requires recycling the database.  

Any way to turn sql trace on for a few hours and then turn it back off?    

Steve Orr  

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Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 8:36 AM

It is in the 8.1.6 documentation I have just looked at (Oracle8i Supplied PL/SQL Packages Reference Release 2 (8.1.6) A76936-01
However I have a page on my website which shows how to put various bits of tracing on
try for the home page or to go direct.
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Sent: 19 November 2001 15:05

DBMS_SYSTEM.SET_SQL_TRACE_IN_SESSION isn't documented in the 8.1.6/7 doc sets. The package (and the procedure) exists, though even the package spec source code is wrapped. What gives? Is this package about to be desupported? Is there an alternative way of setting trace on in another session?

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