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RE: Oracle 8i Installation Problem

From: Mark Leith <>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 04:18:31 -0800
Message-ID: <>

This is related to the symcjit.dll file being a pile of crap on a P4 type machine :-). What you need to do is copy the contents of the install CDs to your hard drive, then find the file symcjit.dll within the install set - it comes up a couple of times I believe..

Copy the attached version over the old versions and you should be away..

Let me know if this works for you or not.. I have a couple of other solutions to this kind of problem (recently been going through it with 9i on a P4).

HTH Mark

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Sent: 16 November 2001 17:16
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Dear Gurus,

We are currently using for our project Oracle 8i Personal Edition on Microsoft Windows 2000 professional server.

Recently we bought a new computer, a Compaq Evo W8000 Workstation with Pentium Xeon 1.7 GHZ, RAM 512 MB
VideoRAM 64 MB, Hard Disk SCSI 36 GB and DVD ROM etc. etc. and operating System Windows 2000 Professional Edition with service Pack 2. We want to migrate our Oracle system and Database to this new Computer.

I have installed other programs (Arc/Info, MS Office etc)in this new computer without glitch. When trying to install Oracle 8i, the universal installer donot start. I am really baffled by this. If I introduce the Oracle 8i Personal edition CD to this new computer, the AutoRun provides me the first screen but if I press the button "install/deinstall products", the screen simply vanishes. Well, I know, Oracle 8i needs and install JRE during installation, but I want to know if the problem is due to this.

Anyway, if I introduce the same CD on old Computer (with Windows 2000 Profession Edition SP1), it runs without any problem. Here are the few things I have done over this week.

  1. Install the Windows 2000 professional edition (SP 1) to the new computer as dual operating system and tried to install Oracle -- No result or let us say same result as previous.
  2. Downloaded Oracle 8i personal edition from Oracle Server and try to install -- No Result.
  3. Try to install other Oracle Product that came bundled with for evaluation purpose when we buy Personal edition (for example Oracle 8i Standard edition, Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition, Online Documentation etc. etc. ) -- No result
  4. Download from the Microsoft Site Windows Virtual Machine(!!??) --- No result

Oracle 8i installtion is pretty straightforward (until now) with the Universal Installer. I am, somehow, couldnot start universal installer in the new machine.

Well I think I have exhausted all the resources trying to install Oracle in the new machines. As a last resort, I am thinking of switching the hard disk from the old computer to the new one. This solution, in my opinion, is sort of drastic.

Can anybody suggest me what is wrong and please help me find the solution.

I am afraid my mail is too long for all of you busy persons but I am pretty much baffled by the event.



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