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Re: I just submitted OEM feedback

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 13:16:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>


You're reinforcing my already low opinion of OEM.

At a previous job we had one very competent DBA that spent quite a bit of time on OEM, and it would never work properly.

I'm still sold on homebrew monitoring, in Perl, ksh, or whatever you're comfortable with.

One tool that I thought was impressive was BMC Patrol. Anything you could think of, it already did. Quite expensive and difficult to install I understand. Never got the opportunity to use it.


On Friday 09 November 2001 07:10, Boivin, Patrice J wrote:
> FYI,
> I just submitted feedback to Oracle re. their OEM 2.2. product.
> So far I have had to rebuild the repository three times. With fifteen
> servers, this is a major hassle. We have Oracle on NT, on Tru64 UNIX, and
> a mix of versions: (on Tru64 in the process of being upgraded) and
> (on NT). I had at least thirty events configured, and planned to
> try using jobs. Not going to happen for a while yet...
> Oracle Support and I have been dancing around for weeks now, they
> absolutely refuse to tell me how to clean up the repository without having
> to rebuild it. Instead they just give me the same procedure to clean up
> the agent directories, etc. but the problem is not at the remote hosts, it
> is in the repository.
> The problem I ran into is twofold.
> 1) The OEM repository reported a referential integrity error, some
> records in a child table do not have corresponding entries in their parent
> table. This is a repository corruption problem, has nothing to do with the
> agents on remote hosts.
> 2) I have a number of events stuck in "de-registration pending" mode,
> which prevents me from de-registering the events and removing the nodes
> from the Navigation pane.
> Yes, I have shut down the agents, removed all the files in the /agent
> directories, shut down the console, stopped and restarted the management
> server, but the events are still there.
> I asked them to build into the next version of the OEM a utility that can
> scan the repository, look for bad entries, and remove them.
> There is no need to force people to spend hours rebuilding the repository
> and re-configuring everything just because of a few events being stuck in
> de-registration pending mode.
> If anyone else has encountered this problem and know a way to clean up the
> repository without having to rebuild it, please let me know, I would
> appreciate it.
> Other problems so far with the OEM:
> - The Oracle Expert this morning declared it cannot log into the
> Oracle Management Server, even though I can start up a console. The error
> I get is: org.omg.CORBA.NO_IMPLEMENT[completed=MAYBE]. I haven't looked in
> MetaLink yet, will do that. One more problem to look up re. the OEM. - The
> Forms listener event does not communicate properly with the
> Forms Server.
> - The Change Manager does not see tablespaces, tables, indexes from
> one of my NT servers ( Oracle Support could not reproduce the
> problem. Next thing for me to try: rebuild the three databases on that
> machine, to see if that will fix the problem. Something I would rather not
> do.
> - The agent on my Tru64 UNIX server cannot talk to the databases on
> that machine, Oracle Support told me that there is probably a problem with
> the agent and they suggested I upgrade. We are upgrading that server soon,
> so I only used the node and TNS Listener events for the groups pane. The
> events for db up/down against this machine are stuck in "de-registration
> pending" mode.
> Finally, a funny anecdote: yesterday I ran the Oracle Expert against one
> of the three databases on that NT server I mentioned above. The Oracle
> Expert as part of its recommendations told me to take non-system objects
> out of the SYSTEM tablespace. All these objects were created when the
> databases were created, using Oracle's own GUI tools. I moved them out of
> there this morning using the script generated by the Oracle Expert, which
> was nice.
> If you find any problems with the OEM, I encourage you to submit them with
> Oracle.
> I am starting to think now that I should go into the repository manually
> and clean up the tables with invalid records.
> Regards,
> Patrice Boivin
> Systems Analyst (Oracle Certified DBA)
> Systems Admin & Operations | Admin. et Exploit. des systèmes
> Technology Services | Services technologiques
> Informatics Branch | Direction de l'informatique
> Maritimes Region, DFO | Région des Maritimes, MPO
> E-Mail: <>

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