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RE: Another Oracle DBA gets "The Bullet" in the UK - Seeking an O

From: Rao, Maheswara <>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 08:00:20 -0800
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One small suggestion: If maintaining many db's leaves you with less time to attend to the developer's questions or developers' requirements, bring up this case to your boss. Put it to him in such a way that the company requires another DBA. In that way, you would be doing two services in this troubled times. 1. You would be providing a job to a guy. 2. You would be left free to attend to your production tasks.

Due to financial constraints, if your company could not appoint another DBA, then, at least your boss and the management would be aware WHY you could not attend to the developers requests quickly.

In my experience, I found that having good relationships in the company with as many as you can, would give you advantage when you most require it. Do not leave anybody with an empty feeling that his/her request isn't important. Even if it is not important, try to explain your priorities to them. Over a period of time, very quickly the developers would start understanding your problems and they would start respecting you and appreciate the job you do.


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good people skills -- you leave them smiling even when you tell them no they can't have what they want. You are not arbitrary about decisions, you explain WHY something won't work and offer an alternative that will.
You smile at people, get to their work as quickly as you can, explain delays when you can't.

Oh, and you ask "how are you" and LISTEN for the answer :)


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