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RE: Stored Procedures Question

From: Jack C. Applewhite <>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 08:37:06 -0800
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To see exactly how the stored procedure files will be used, you'll need to examine the DDL script to find out how they're called. That might tell you which directory in which to put them.

If you have to run them manually, do it after the DDL script finishes. Execute (from SQL*Plus) all the *.PKS (Package Spec) files first, then the *.FNC (Function) and *.PRC (Procedure) files, followed by *.PKB (Package Body), then *.TRG (Triggers). If there are any functions that call procedures you may have to run the *.FNC files again, after the *.PRC. Since nothing can call a trigger, the *.TRG files are last, right after the *.PKB, since the code in the package bodies could call procedures or functions.

If any views reference publice packaged variables, you may have to recreate those views. Check the Status column in User_Objects to see if anything ends up INVALID. You'll have to recompile...

 Alter Function xxxxx Compile ;
 Alter Package xxxxx Compile ;
 Alter Package xxxxx Compile Body ;


Jack C. Applewhite
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I received the DDL SQL script (approx. 11,000 lines of code) to generate a database from our other office in Malaysia. Along with this script I got another file with approx. 720 files called stored procedures with the suffix .PRC, .PKB, .PKS, .FNC. AND .TRG. When I go to generate the DB using the DDL SQL script how will these "stored procedure" files be used? Will the SQL script call them, or will they be called and used after the DB is built? Where should these "stored procedure" files be stored in the directory structure?

The box is W2000 and Oracle is 8.1.7.

Thanks much,

Kenneth C. Janusz, CPIM
Database Conversion Lead
Sufficient System, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

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