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RE: Script for next_extent of objects <= free space available

From: <nlzanen1_at_EY.NL>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 02:27:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>


I have this Space Bound object script that will list every table that can not allocate it's next extent. It will not list tables in tablespace that is set to autoextent.
This is not entirely correct as you may have set an upper limit to the auto extent (if you feel like adding it in please send back)

SELECT s.owner owner, s.segment_name object, TABLESPACE, s.segment_type TYPE,

       so.object_id obj#, round((s.blocks * f.blocksize) / (1024 * 1024),2) objmbytes,

       s.extents extents, s.initial_extent iniexts, s.min_extents minexts,
       s.max_extents maxexts, s.next_extent nextextsize,
       round((s.next_extent  / (1024*1024)),2) nextextmbytes,
       s.pct_increase extpct,
       DECODE (s.max_extents - s.extents,
          0, 'Max Extents Reached',
          DECODE (LEAST (s.next_extent, f.totfreeblocks) - s.next_extent,
             0, 'Fragmented Free Space', 'Insufficient Free Space'
       ) reason
       (      SELECT a.tablespace_name AS name, c.value AS blocksize,
               NVL (MAX (b.blocks*c.value), 0) AS maxfreeblocks,
               NVL (SUM (b.blocks*c.value), 0) AS totfreeblocks,
               NVL (SUM (b.blocks / b.blocks), 0) AS freeextents
          FROM DBA_TABLESPACES a, DBA_FREE_SPACE b ,v$parameter c
         WHERE a.tablespace_name = b.tablespace_name
           AND = 'db_block_size'
         GROUP BY a.tablespace_name, c.value) f,
       DBA_OBJECTS so,
     (      SELECT tablespace_name,max(autoextensible) auto
               FROM dba_data_files GROUP BY tablespace_name) df
             s.next_extent > f.maxfreeblocks
          OR (    s.extents >= s.max_extents
              AND s.max_extents != 0)

   AND s.tablespace_name =
   AND so.owner = s.owner
   AND so.object_name = s.segment_name
   AND df.tablespace_name=s.tablespace_name


Hope this is what you can use


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