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RAM Disks, redo logs, and beer

From: Weaver, Walt <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 13:30:53 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Anybody out there ever use, or are using, RAM disks?  

We recently purchased a 2gb RAM disk from Solid Data Systems, originally to put some of our larger MySQL databases on it in hopes of increasing the performance. Since speed wasn't really the problem we're having with MySQL it didn't do any good.  

SO, we attached it to one of our Oracle database servers this weekend. I've moved the customer database redo logs to the RAM disk and am hoping for wonderful things to happen once we put a load on the machine.  

Since I don't know a damn thing about RAM disks I was hoping someone could give me some pointers on correct RAM disk etiquette. I'm duplexing the redo logs and both plexes are on the RAM disk. During periods of high usage will this cause the RAM disk to overheat? Will it get confused? Will it roll over and die? Should I ignore everything my mother ever taught me about redo logs and de-duplex the suckers?  

Also, the redo logs take up about 250mb. The RAM disk holds 2gb, and since the little guy put us back about US$29,000, we would sure like to use the rest of the space. We're thinking about putting some of the more active tables on the RAM disk. Anybody ever do something like this? Any suggestions on what not to do?  

I'll also be talking to the Solid Data Systems engineers to get their input, but I'd like to hear from the people who actually use the things.  

--Walt Weaver

  Bozeman, Montana

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Author: Weaver, Walt

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