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RE: providing 24*7 database ---

From: Nick Wagner <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 08:55:17 -0700
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Here is a link you can use to check out a couple of white papers on 24x7 shops and HA environments with Oracle.   One very good one, that will help address your needs is this one... written by Eyal Aronoff.  


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hi  gurus,

Our shop ( GIS oracle spatials ) attempting to provide a production database (7x 24 hours) , currently we have to offline database for users while loading of data.
we donot what users to access data while loading. We are thinking of provide 24* 7 services to customers with out going offline.
What are the best  possible solutions ? I had few but I donot know its right

direction .................

Possible Solutions

Replication -
*       not possible until Oracle 9i spatial  (because of the restriction on replicating objects). 
*       Even then expense of additional licensing/machinery may be too great

Duplicate instances - have 2 instances and users switch from one to other after production load.-- how to implement ?

Duplicate schema within current database.  Have 3 schemas inside a single TIPSPROD instance.  The schema with the current data remains in production until the second schema is loaded with the new data.  This is can only work if we introduce a third schema that holds the views.  At certain time, we redefine all the views in the DATAVIEWS schema. --- its kind of duplication --- certainly not my option

Can some body direct me where to look or any ideas ? TIA
> narender.akula

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