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Re: Question about temporary segments

From: Yosi Greenfield <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 08:36:15 -0700
Message-ID: <>


When it creates an index, Oracle doesn't make it visible as it's being built. So

basically, Oracle creates the index as a temporary segment in the location it will belong when it's done being created. When Oracle finishes creating the index, Oracle then makes the index 'un-temporary', gives it its specified index name, and leaves it where it is.

The alternative would be to create the index in TEMP and then take the extra step of moving the index to its final destination. Oracle doesn't do that.

Note that these are different temp segments than the ones Oracle uses to sort the data in order to build the index. Those are, as you noted, stored in TEMP.

HTH, Yosi

"Petrus, Mike (CAP, GEFA)" wrote:

> Greetings All;
> I am confused and hope someone can straighten me out.
> My confusion surrounds temporary segments and where they are created. I had
> assumed that temporary segments were created in a user's, assigned temporary
> tablespace. However when I have a creation failure, for example, if I am
> attempting to rebuild an index that is currently in tablespace aww_index1, I
> received the following error: (ORA-1652: unable to extend temp segment by
> 1280 in tablespace AWW_INDEX1), this is telling me that the temp segment is
> being created in the tablespace that the permanent object exists in. Is
> this always the case? Is the only purpose of the user's, assigned
> "TEMPORARY" table space for sorting. Can I tell Oracle to redirect the
> creation of the temp segment to a different tablespace? If so how is that
> accomplished?
> Thanks in advance.
> Michael L. Petrus
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> Lakewood, CO 80235
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