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RE: providing 24*7 database ---

From: Guy Hammond <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 07:25:51 -0700
Message-ID: <>

The thing that immediately springs to mind would be to use two databases, one for queries, one for loading. Then, when the data was ready, use a transportable tablespace to plug it in. There might be some post processing or redefining of views necessary. This is better than using two schemas to do it, because you can have two instances on two different machines, each instance tuned for exactly what you want to do with it, and the loading and the queries won't need to share I/O and CPU. Altho' I guess you could use resource consumer groups and spread the I/O across controllers. That way you could have one big machine and all its CPU would be available while loads weren't running. Hmmm.


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hi gurus,

Our shop ( GIS oracle spatials ) attempting to provide a production database
(7x 24 hours) , currently we have to offline database for users while loading of data.
we donot what users to access data while loading. We are thinking of provide 24* 7 services to customers with out going offline.
What are the best possible solutions ? I had few but I donot know its right

direction .................

Possible Solutions

Replication -
* not possible until Oracle 9i spatial (because of the restriction on
replicating objects).
* Even then expense of additional licensing/machinery may be too great

Duplicate instances - have 2 instances and users switch from one to other
after production load.-- how to implement ?

Duplicate schema within current database. Have 3 schemas inside a single
TIPSPROD instance. The schema with the current data remains in production
until the second schema is loaded with the new data. This is can only work
if we introduce a third schema that holds the views. At certain time, we
redefine all the views in the DATAVIEWS schema. --- its kind of duplication
--- certainly not my option

Can some body direct me where to look or any ideas ? TIA
> narender.akula


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