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RE: Database will not shutdown in Normal or IMMEDIATE mode

From: Jeremiah Wilton <>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 03:54:45 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Most people agree that when shutdown immediate takes a long time, it is either transactions being rolled back, or sort segments being cleaned up. It could also be a number of other things, but most of those things are done by PMON and SMON.

One thing I will recommend, for this reason and for many others, is to turn on PMON and SMON logging to trace. This is easy to do, and there are no real reasons not to do it. once this tracing is turned on, you can watch what those processes are doing during a shutdown immediate. It may not speed up the process, but at least you won't be in the dark.

% oerr ora 10246
10246, 00000, "print trace of PMON actions to trace file" // *Cause:
// *Action:

% oerr ora 10500
10500, 00000, "turn on traces for SMON"

// *Cause:
// *Action:
//    Level:  <=5  trace instance recovery
//            > 5  trace posting of SMON

In the initialization file:

event = "10500 trace name context forever, level 6" event = "10246 trace name context forever"

True, checkpoint/abort/restrict/immediate usually works well, but in some environments (such as the original poster's), it won't.

Also true, as pointed out by someone, you can take a cold backup of an aborted database. You have to understand what you are doing, and also back up the online logs. If you want to perform additional media recovery (apply more logs) after restore, you can't just fire the sucker up, because it will just crash recover and open on its own, which will make it impossible to apply the additional logs.

Jeremiah Wilton

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Kimberly Smith wrote:

> Do you have the dbsnmp agent running? I certain versions of
> Oracle it just would not go away. Not sure which versions though.
> It is gone in 8i though.
> -----Original Message-----
> It is one of those days.
> Anyway Oracle 8.0.5 / Win 4.0.
> I am trying to shutdown instance in Normal mode but just hangs. I am able
> to shutdown abort and restart. Heck I even rebooted server
> in case files were locked. There are no errors in alert log
> Any ideas why I cannot shutdown in NORMAL or IMMEDIATE.
> No other users/sessions on the system. I have done this many times but not
> working today. I need to do this because I want to do
> an offline backup.
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