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Re: Veritas Quickio and DB_BLOCK_SIZE

From: satar naghshineh <>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 16:34:53 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Yes, it is.  

> Neither Thomas nor I made a throwaway remark
> suggesting a specific block size was appropriate

I meant to & should have wrote: "...why he would recommend a 2k block size on an OLTP type database." The whole reason behind posting your reasons were to show some examples as to why you would use a 2k block size.

The reason I suggested 2k is that if they face performance problems (which usually does happen with a 2k blocksize), there are other parameters and means to use to offset the negative performance hit. Systems that are I/O bound can be easily fixed.

> -
> we both stated that we had on occasions used
> 2K where appropriate.


> Nor did we add a valueless
> caveat about 'the application being appropriate',
> we actually gave concrete reasons why an application
> may or may not be appropriate.

I'm glad you took the time to give concrete reasons why an application may or may not be appropriate. One might argue the actual value of your reasons, if they did not apply to the situation. I figuired it was better than nothing. And because of this, I'm sure the author of the original post will now take the time to research his/her own environment and come up with his/her own opinion. Maybe this whole experience might be called "indirect value"?

Any way, it's been fun. Time for me to move on...


> Jonathan Lewis
> |By the way, you are agreeing and disagreeing with
> |Jonathan Lewis at the same time. The index
> efficiency
> |on small block size is Jonathan's point he made a
> |couple of years ago when he was stating why he
> |recommends a 2k block size on an OLTP type
> database.
> |The other index point (scanning an index on a small
> |block size) is from Thomas Kyte on the same
> |thread...If you disagree with him, you can write
> him
> |an e-mail so you can correct him.

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