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From: Richard Huntley <>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 14:13:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hey Joe...this would need to happen on a recurring basis...maybe even nightly in order to offload some reporting.  The thought is to get it done by scripting it and not having to suffer
through transferring the files across the network every night after the hot backup runs on the primary DB.  Otherwise, I'd definitely just clone it from the primary.  If the reporting was doing only reads, I'd just try to talk Bob into allowing the standby to be open in read-only mode, but the reports actually do writes as well... 

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yeppers, you'll need to do the name conversion since you want to have a 2nd db on the same server.  Now if the purpose here is to open the database and not really use it as a standby database, then why go thru the standby shuffle.  move it to the other server(the cold backup), take a dump of the control file to trace(from the original) and then edit that trace file for where you want the new files to be located, run it and open it as a "clone" of production, since my impression is thats really what you're doing anyways.  If you go thru the shuffle of a standby database creation and open it for read-write, it becomes useless anyways for the "real" primary.  
you can't switch and forth until 9i between primary and standby.  
Rich, you know how to get ahold of me ;)  
>>> 10/03/01 04:40PM
>>>Any info. would be appreciated!What I'm trying to do is,
I have a primary DB on server1, a standby DB onserver2 and I want to create a 3rd DB on server2 froma consistent (cold) backup of the standby DB and then activate the 3rd DB.So, I'd end up with on server1 the primary DB andon server2 the standby DB "mounted" along with the 3rd DB that I'd activateand open for use.  Just trying to see if this willwork.  Has anyone tried this and if so would the following init parametershelp at all: DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT, LOG_FILE_NAME_CONVERT and LOCK_NAME_SPACE???TIA,Rich  -- Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ: <A
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