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Re: ORACLE-L Digest -- Volume 2001, Number 269

From: chris blais <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 10:30:35 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Ron, concerning physical Computer Room Access, Coupla items to ponder,
1. Have u figured out a way to bypass local NT admin functions? If not you'll need direct access.

2. Assuming u have root access (or sudo) u can mount a cd to the box in the Computer room fron almost anywhere. If u don't have this ability, then you'll need access to or an SA available 24 hrs a day for emergencies etc. -:) (at your beckon call)

3. Since the "box" exists to support the database, which supports the application, which supports the business, it might make sense if you had access to the physical box. After all physically seeing what a RAID array / UNIX Box looks like might help you understand it better. I've always needed to work closely with clients and SA's on sizing and purchasing UNIX box's. Who does your UNIX BOX sizing, who knows your apps, DB's, growth etc...

4. I also "had to help" the SA's in the past understand why I needed private ethernet links (most SUN box have 2 by default). (I've also showed them where it was...)

5. It boils down to how big your org is, how compartmentalized u are and whether there sensitive to your request, are being political or just trying to protect company assets. U might be better off going after better tools to help you with your tasks.

Ps there was an earlier suggestion concerning pajamas and getting access from home -:)

Hope this helps.  

Chris Blais
CEO, Blazing Pathways Inc.


 From: "Smith, Ron L."
 Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 07:32:39 -0500
 Subject: Physical access to servers for maintenance

Our hardware people are cracking sown on access to the computer room. They
have decided the DBA group can do all their work without going to the server
itself. This includes Unix and NT server running both Oracle and SQL
Server. We would have to use VNC Viewer and PC Anywhere. I am trying to put
together a list of things we might need to do that would make remote admin
difficult as well as taking longer. If you have any ideas I would
appreciate it.

Ron Smith
Database Administrator

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