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Re: Preventing user access

From: JOE TESTA <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 09:05:41 -0700
Message-ID: <>

protocol.ora file is no longer supported in 9i.  
>>> ctrassens_at_YAHOO.COM 09/26/01 11:25AM
>>>You can use Connection Manager and define rules.Although you
will need to change the net servicesentries of the tnsnames.ora or from the names or fromLDAP, just to source the client to the ConnectionManager before the server itself.Or if you use TCP/IP as the protocol for Net8, you canuse the file protocol.ora. In order to restrict theaccess you must include these two
lines:tcp.validnode_checking=TRUEtcp.excluded_nodes=(<ip or name>,.....).....or better if there two many:tcp.included_nodes (<ip or name>....)Regards.--- "O'Neill, Sean" <> wrote:> If I wish to do work on a database logging in to> server itself and want to> prevent users from accessing the system via network> is there another way to> do this if I don't want to use the "enable> restricted session"> functionality.  I'm thinking there's probably a neat> way to utiltise the> listener process but have not figured it out.  > > Also what If I need to work on DB over network but> don't want any other> users using DB what can I do to prevent their> connecting?> > > Sean :)> >
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