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Net8 and FAILOVER parameter

From: Louis Avrami <>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 12:32:58 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hello folks,

We are implementing an automated hot standby database in a Solaris 2.8 environment. We don't have something like Veritas Cluster software so that we could set up a virtual IP address and toggle the virtual IP from the primary database server to the standby when a failover occurs.

Net8 does have a FAILOVER parameter, which instructs Net8, at connect time, to fail over to a different address if the first address fails. Here's what I think the configuration should look like:


I have a couple of questions concerning the FAILOVER parameter:

  1. Does Net8 need to be shut down on the primary database if we fail over to the standby database? I'm thinking of a situation where the primary database has a problem, we fail over to the standby, but Net8 remains up on the primary. I'm thinking that, theoretically we could still tnsping the primary database, since Net8 is up. That would not be good, since we want to fail over.
  2. Is there a timing issue with the FAILOVER parameter? For example, will it it try to connect to the primary address for N seconds, then try the second address? The time delay while Net8 tries to go to the primary address may be unacceptable for the application.

If anyone can pass along any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Lou Avrami

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