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Re: Physical access to servers for maintenance

From: Steven Lembark <>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 07:26:38 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> Our hardware people are cracking sown on access to the computer room.
> They have decided the DBA group can do all their work without going to
> the server itself. This includes Unix and NT server running both Oracle
> and SQL Server. We would have to use VNC Viewer and PC Anywhere. I am
> trying to put together a list of things we might need to do that would
> make remote admin difficult as well as taking longer. If you have any
> ideas I would appreciate it.

How about "Your Work"?

Last time I looked it's rather hard to run svrmgrl without access to the command line. So long as you don't want to start or stop the database this probably won't have any effect.

Checking free disk space is also simpler with "df". You can, perhaps, memorize the nubmber of blocks on every device and compare them to the free space reported by Oracle each morning.

Simplest method would be to say "no we don't need it now, what is the pager number of someone we can use if we do need things done?" Make a point of paging them every time you need something from the shell, day or night. That person will, I'm sure, be happy to compile a list of the trivial things they've been forced to do that the DBA should have done for themselves at 3am...

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