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RE: EMC BCV Splits and Hot Backup mode.

From: Glenn Travis <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 13:13:35 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Well, yeah. But why is it inconsistent? Please provide details. As you are with EMC, do you have any papers which discuss at that level? (not the process steps, I have those. but why?)

I know that if only the datafiles are mirrored, then yes, you must use hot backup as the redo changes need to be written in full Oracle blocks. But what if everything
(datafiles, redo, control, archive) are all in the mirrored set? How would anything
get inconsistent by breaking a mirror?

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It is my understanding that the common implementation of copying an Oracle database on an EMC using BCVs is this;

  1. put the source database in BEGIN BACKUP mode for all the tablespaces,
  2. break the mirror,
  3. put tablespaces in END BACKUP mode
  4. recover on target, or backup the files.

Why is it necessary to put the database in 'hot backup' mode when splitting a BCV? If it is just like splitting a mirror, why do you need the database in hot backup mode at all? Wouldn't it be the same as losing one side of a mirrored pair? When that happens, no extra processing is needed.

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