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Re: Rachel - RE: 2nd DBA or ?

From: Rachel Carmichael <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 23:21:19 -0700
Message-ID: <>

sorry folks, this is going to be long
comments inline

> Thanks! It's this personality (or lack of) that has
> made me very sucessful at my age. I was driving a 45k
> dollar car (which you rode in) and owned my first
> house at age 23. Now at 26, I also own a new Benz
> (valued at 75k) and own a second home. I hate to sound
> egotistical (isn't that one of the traits of a good
> DBA?), but I just want you to know where I am coming
> from.

Let's see... I'm not a big believer in bragging, I've found that people who toot their own horn usually do so from a deep sense of inferiority and a need for attention.

I don't give a rat's ass about how much money you have and how many things you own, I have never measured a person's worth by possessions, but by intelligence, courage, wit and character. If you need to brag about things, it leads me to believe that you have nothing else to be proud of, and I feel sad for you about that.

Oh and I may have ridden in the car (with several other people at OOW on the way to a group dinner), but the groping hands were not appreciated.

> Who wants to work in Management? At my full-time job,
> I make close to what my boss makes (he is the CIO) but
> without all the responsibility and dealing with
> personal problems. To me, if you know the basics of
> Business Management and Child Psychology, you'll do
> well in Management.

I didn't say anyone wanted to work in management. But someone has to do it and it's better to be prepared to do it right than to screw it up. And at some point or other, unless you like being the grunt in the cellar they throw work at, you have to work with other people. Managing is not just about who reports to whom but also about dealing with other people. And again, if you really think that all you need to know is the basics of business management and child psychology, I feel sorry for you. And I'd hate to ever work on a project with you.

> Maybe because I'm still young, but I always believe
> that your future is in your own hands, not at your
> company's discretion. If I don't get what I want, then
> I move on to another company. It might change when I
> get married and have kids, in which I have to worry if
> my child eats Frosted Flakes cereal in the morning or
> if he/she goes to school hungry. Until then, I am
> free.

that's not what I said. I said if you want to move on to other things WITHIN the same company then you cannot make yourself the only one who knows how to do certain things. Especially in light of what happened in NYC last week, companies would be foolish to have only one person know how to do critical work.

> I also have a full time job, but hopefully I can quit
> my job soon if this project I'm currently working on
> is sucessful. I have goals, and I am close to
> self-actualizing them.

congratulations. I have goals too, but they don't include a particular amount of money.  

> Nice philosophy. In a dog-eat-dog world, it's good not
> to be a dog! Also, if you live in California, chances
> are you are getting paid by the hour, along with
> overtime. California residents, you might want to look
> into California Assembly Bill 60 (AB 60) on the
> internet.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that corporations work on the same rules that people do. They don't. A corporation has no loyalty, other than to the stockholders, has no need or desire to take care of its workers. Now, there are some corporations that do operate on those principles and lo and behold, they make money. But they are rare, unfortunately.

> The MIS managers or system admins can experience
> Oracle Support if they can't get a hold of me.
> Unfortunately, they put a lo-jack system (cell phone)
> on me, so I am available to them 24/7. To date, after
> 1 and half years working for this company, none of my
> databases have experienced any problems. I like to
> think it's due to my expertise, or maybe I'm wrong,
> and it's just luck.

So cynical again. And it's luck, pure dumb luck. How do you know how good you are if you are never called upon to show what you can do?  

> Also, I hope this doesn't come across mean or
> unappreciative, but if you remove yourself from the
> list, you will give yourself so much more time to
> tackle the work at your shop. As you might have
> noticed, I removed myself from the list for 7-8 months
> while my company gave me the responsibility of UK's
> databases. I needed that time to go to the UK,
> configure and tune the datbases, setup an automated
> backup and recovery procedure, post application tuning
> and provide remote support, along with other things.

Since you have no idea of the number of people I work with, the amount of work to be done or anything AT ALL about my job, how I work, how much I work and what is expected of me, it's not mean or unappreciative, merely stupid.

I work all the time. I go home and I log on and work. I work weekends. The time I spend on the list (and if you'd looked you'd have noticed that the number of posts I make has decreased significantly) is "break time". Time I use to get a breathe so that I can go back and work. If I left the list entirely, gave up my personal life and worked 20 hours a day, there would STILL be too much work at my company for me to finish.

But I also know that work is not the be-all and end-all of my existence, that there are much more important things in life than money or work and that I have to have perspective on how much I do. This does not mean that I do not have an "over-developed sense of responsibility", ask the people I work with. The night before I was going into surgery I was offering to log on at midnight and post the information about the winners of the awards show that happened that night.

Thank you for your concern, both for me and for the people of NYC. I hope you learn perspective someday.


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