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RE: Design Issue - Quick response appreciated

From: Miller, Jay <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 10:28:45 -0700
Message-ID: <>

One thought is to have an additional column called something like 'PRIOR_ID'. If the Account_id is "changed" (actually a new value inserted) then the PRIOR_ID for the new row is set to the ACCOUNT_ID of the old row. That way you can always trace back if the transaction used to have a different account.    

Jay Miller

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OLTP application with 24x7 requirement. 300,000 records per day are inserted into the transaction table. Environment: Solari 7. Oracle 817.  

The transaction table layout.  

Security ID
Account ID
Account Type
Trade Date
And other columns in this table.  

In the above table, the primary key is -- Security ID + Account ID + Account Type + Trade Date  

There are many to one relationships built to other child tables from Transaction Table  


User inserts a record into transaction table. In the first record, Account ID value is "HP" and he might insert a record into the child table (Or this transaction may not insert a record into a child table). After some time, the user queries the original record with the primary key and then changes the value in the column - Account ID to "IBM". Now, the original transaction record is NOT UPDATED. A record IS INSERTED with the new values. Also, he might or might not insert a record into a child table with this new values of primary key.  

Now the user would query the transaction table with Account ID = IBM. But, the user wants to get all the previous records also; in this case, he want to see the record with Account ID = "HP" also. Also, he want to see the related records from the child tables.  

I tried with the idea of sequence number generation but it was failing.  

Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated.  


Maheswara Rao,
Oracle DBA
SunGard Securities


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