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Re: reduce SQL*NET byte transfer

From: Raymond Lee Meng Hong <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 03:46:32 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Help ...friend

  We are running a critical mission on conversting data for our customer , I have write out a package which consist of < 15 procedure and function , because we have load customer data from txt file to oracle db via SQLOADER to temporary file,

So when I converting customer record I will need to read up less than 10 tables which might consist of 10-30 Milliones record, because of the reading, I heavly adopt dymanix SQL to perform my DB..

I use TOAD to monitor my process , I try to execute just to select a master record to link back with those transaction file ...until now it still have't give me any is only a sample of customer test data which less than 2k record..

I have build up index for those table involve. I try to use TOAD ,sqlplus to compile and run it...Sqlplus manage to compile within 15 second , but TOAD 7.1.8 halt me in the middle of no way( I have email to Quest about this...till waiting for the result now). I try with Oracle 8.1.5 and Oracle 7.3.2 , the result is faster but those 2 database is developement DB ,only Oracle 8.1.6 is testing DB.. I have no choice but to compile and execute in SQLPLUS now under Oracle 8.1.6,

Which kind of information can I obtain to troubleshoot this kind of problem ???

Can any gure help me to interpret this figure ?? Physical read is 148,Block get 20980 ,Consistent Get 668314 , bytes received via SQL*Net from client , 327267

Best Regard
Raymond Lee
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Author: Raymond Lee Meng Hong

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