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RE: time synchronization

From: Shevtsov, Eduard <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 09:13:56 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi Jared and List,

thanks for the reply. I haven't had much info yet as it deals with my next job. Actually, I only have a list of problem questions from their side. The problem is that their client application controls all security issues and among other security restrictions there are time restrictions. E.g. a user is supposed to do a job only in the desired time intervals. Unfortunately, the client application use time of local nt workstation where it's being run. Their SA told me that they had tryed to correct the time manually. They changed time on the server while the DB was running. (not sure it's good way) After that they observed strange effect. Oracle became works slower and slower... And number of active session (v$session.status) became grow permanently. Eventually they restored the time back. I'm not sure that the time was the real cause of such side effect but I'm curious if someone has encountered the same problem.

Thanks for your help,

> Eduard,
> You don't say why the time sync is causing such pain, or how you are
> syncing up the time.
> If the synchronization is a problem, check into using ntp or
> xntp found
> at ( network time protocol )
> Many shops use this to keep servers in sync. I use it at home on
> linux boxes, works great.
> How is this synchronization affecting your Oracle instances?
> Jared

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Author: Shevtsov, Eduard

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