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RE: The DBA in the IS organization

From: Guy Hammond <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 00:45:43 -0700
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Satar, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to take issue with this. Bad English food is, I agree, fairly grim, but the same could be said of bad food everywhere. Have you ever been to New Jersey? All they eat there are chicken parm subs! London is one of the great places in the world if you like eating, altho' quite expensive compared to Paris or Amsterdam. If you can get the Sunday Times where you are, try reading the A A Gill column every week for an idea of some good places to go. Incidentally, one of the VPs at my last job was a friend of A A Gill's girlfriend (aka "The Blonde"), but I never did get to meet him.

Now back onto the subject. Here, I count as part of the development team, with simply a slightly different skill set to everyone else (SQL rather than C++). It works pretty well. Of course, we are a software house, and don't do much by the way of running 24/7 operations (altho' of course our clients do).



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As for me, this is my 3rd job as an Oracle DBA.

My first job was working for a Porno Company based out of Beverly Hills, CA. It was a small company (130 internal employees and 200 outside employees aka phone actress and actors) that owned the majority of the phone sex lines (over 10,000 lines coming in). As the DBA, I reported to the owner. I supported and worked closely with the developers and network admins. But my major tasks were to automate business practices and to suggest ways to improve perversion efficiency.

My Second job was working for a national VAR (value added reseller) company which had strong ties to Sun Microsystems, IBM, HP, SGI, etc. I reported to the Co-owner of the company. My job role was to work closely with the system admins to implement enterprise solutions for major corporations.

My current job involves a large international Manufacturing company. As the DBA, I report to the CIO of the company. Each division has a MIS manager. My role is to provide support to each division (which sucks because I have to travel a lot, especially to the offense to the people of the UK, but the only good thing about the UK that I like are the PUBS!!! The weather, some people and food is another story). My major tasks are to consolidate the companies on a data level, which means I work closely witht the ERP developers. I also make hardware and software suggestions to ease operations.

Hope this helps! As far as being with the developers, you will need to be with them regardless, either at the beginning of development to make sure they don't mess up the database or after development to fix the problems that they did mess up.


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