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The DBA in the IS organization

From: O'Neill, Sean <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 05:27:55 -0700
Message-ID: <>

>> From: "Farnsworth, Dave" <>
>> Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 05:49:20 -0500
>> Subject: The DBA in the IS organization
>>I am wondering how my fellow DBA's fit into their IS organization. My
>>situation is this. I was hired just a little over a year ago as a DBA but
>>my official title is network programmer. Except for some job scripting I
>>have not done any coding. I am the only DBA for 5 Oracle databases and 4
>>SQL Server installations. Currently my boss is the head of development.
>>work with the developers and with the network admins equally. I sometimes
>>feel a bit of a conflict with me being under the developers. I have been
>>thinking about approaching the VP of IS about having me be under him
>>than being under development. I feel I need to have equal footing with
>>development managers and with the network admins. Right now I am kind in
>>limbo with no real authority.
>>So anyway, I am just wondering where you fit in your organization and what
>>is the appropriate place for the DBA.
>>And yes I got called into work. Sucks to be me today. :o)

FWIW, I as the only DBA report directly to the IS Manager. We don't do much in-house development preferrring to purchase OTS solutions. We have 2 folk managing the Network and Server Admin one of whom reports directly to the IS Manager. We have some information analysts who also report directly to the IS Manager. We're an NT house. I have local admin rights on servers which host Oracle databases 6 in all with 10 databases. I share an office with the NT admin folk.

I would have thought that you being separate from developers from a reporting point of view would be an advantage. Being amoung them is an advantage in that you might get to raise matters of concern before they go too far down the line. I would think you'd need autonomy to defend amoungst other topics issues relating to database performance potentially with developers and/or adminstrators.

So what perks if any do you get for being called in on a Saturday?. The longer I hang around in this DBA field the more it seems to be like a "vocation" ;)

Sean :)

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