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Re: Lots and lots of redo logs

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 13:12:50 -0700
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I love it when people explain their hypotheses - it makes it so much easier to understand why two people can apparently contradict each other and still be right.

Presumably the argument for putting the data at the outside edge (could still be) correct once you've decided that you're only going to use a quarter of the disc space anyway.

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|AIX has a unique concept of this.
|Given data spread on a disk. The head will spend more time over the
| middle tracks as it seeks data that is distributed across the disk.
|Thus for faster access, place your tablespace on the middle tracks
|of a disk because the probability that the head will be over it is
|much greater.
|Learned this with Syabase on AIX. It may still hold true today.
|I don't know. Technology had advanced a lot from those day. (But I
think the
|laws of physics are the same ;-))
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|Stealing a quote from: Optimal Storage Configuration Made Easy,
|By Juan Loaiza, Oracle Corporation
|"The transfer rate for a disk drive is not the same for all portions
of a
|The outer sectors of a disk drive move by the disk head faster than
|inner sections
|leading to a faster transfer rate for the outer sectors. This is
|of the circular shape of a disk drive."

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