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Re: Locally managed tablespace

From: Don Granaman <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 12:45:01 -0700
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Since you can't usually predict which rollback segment a particular transaction is going to use anyway, generally accepted best practice is to create a dedicated tablespace (or usually one per instance for OPS) for rollback segments, "enough" rollback segments, and all rollback segments of the same size, the same optimal, and the same extent sizes (obviously - there is no "initial" or "next" in the syntax for creating a rollback segment itself). You might also need a "monster" to use with "set transaction use rollback..." for monster batch-like jobs and it could be an exception to the rule.

In the message(s) that I posted, the implication was that the "small set of extent sizes for the entire database" would be for everything except SYSTEM, RBS, and TEMP. The meaning is that if your choice of extent sizes was, for example, 128K, 4M, and 128M, it would not restrict extent sizes for rollback or temp to one of those values. Use extent sizes for rollback and temp that are appropriate to each. Extent size for the TEMP tablespace should a function of SORT_AREA_SIZE. (I'll let someone else take the baton on that one if necessary.)

-Don Granaman
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Create rollback segments as you would for ----- Original Message -----
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> !! Please do not post Off Topic to this List !!
> How are you to create the rollback segments? Is this the same or different
from the other LMT tablespaces. I see where the Temporary Tablespaces are different.
> Any other good LMT articles besides the one below? I want to change our
database into LMT and can you believe this was a brand new 8.1.6 database created in April and they used LONG datatypes and other old architecture.
> Kathy

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