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Re: OPS instalation - pretty urgent

From: Don Granaman <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 23:48:14 -0700
Message-ID: <>

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Actually, failover (TAF - for connection, session, and select) works fine without MTS. I've built six 8i OPS systems in the last year or so using TAF without MTS. (None had direct Java clients though.)

MTS is not required for the older "multiple descriptions in a description list" type of load balancing that has been around since Oracle7. The 8i method (load_balance=on) is much more flexible and simpler to configure though.

Actually, almost all of the 8i OPS systems I've done used Tuxedo middleware. Since connections were already multiplexed through Tuxedo, we didn't need MTS for that. We let Tux do the load balancing and manage some of the failover also - so we could "transparently" (to the client) resubmit failed update, insert, and delete transactions. Tux query processes and other connections (reports, etc.) that performed only queries just used Net8 TAF to reduce the complexity at the Tux layer. I haven't used Oracle Connection Manager except in a few experiments some time ago, but believe that it does require MTS. And... if you don't need MTS, you don't need dispatcher cross-registration.

-Don Granaman
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> !! Please do not post Off Topic to this List !!
> Don, failover, dispatcher cross registration and server load balancing
> require MTS. Second, I'm not on AIX, that is why I was guessing about
> semaphores.

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