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RE: OPS instalation - pretty urgent

From: Pablo ksksksk <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 15:48:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi Mladen Thanks for the answer.

I'm already doing some reading...

I'd like to ask you some questions about your answer Here I go. Please be nice if I'm wrong

1)Log threads have to be private to each instance, right? there's no Public thread I think.

2)Is it usual to use PUBLIC rollback segments in OPS, or people just preffer PRIVATE ones. and Why? is there a performance issue involved?

3)I really don't know what you mean with this: "Start with static locking(hashed, GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS) and turn it to releasable for the high concurrency tables"
(if it's hard to explain, don't worry I'll try to find
it out)

4)Why do you say I'll need MTS? That depends on the number of users using the system right?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

Uh, oh! Did you just say OPS? First of all, go to Oracle
and ask them for EXACTLY the OS version you need and the
required OS patches. Second, plan your configuration: private
rollback segments, private log threads, locally managed tablespaces,
you should know exactly how much space do you need for SYSTEM,
how many 1GB log files you need, etc, etc. You are probably aware
that everything has to reside on the raw devices. Find a good SA to
carve up your disk drives to fit your needs. Start with static locking
(hashed, GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS) and turn it to releasable
for the high
concurrency tables. Configure large pool for the MTS connections, you'll
need it. Ask oracle & IBM whether you need any specific OS parameter to
be set (AIO, nonpageable memory, post-wait extensions), make sure that
you have a truckload of semaphore sets and 50 times more semaphores.
Don't be stinting on the shared memory size. Download all relevant manuals
from metalink, print them out on your bosses favorite laserjet and
read them. Remember the following phone number: (800) 223-1711.
Take vacation when you're done.

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