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OT: Terrorist Acts and the media

From: Koivu, Lisa <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:29:00 -0700
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When I finally got a website (cnnfn)  to come up yesterday morning, it did say initially that two planes hit each WTC tower.   Maybe the media is hiding something.

Here's something scary:  One of the suspects was suppossedly living in an apartment in the city I live in, pristine suburban nothing-ever-goes-wrong-and-we-call-out-the-police-copters-at-5am-when-someone-tries-to-break-into-a-car Coral Springs, Florida. (That one is a true story).

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I am in Canada and everyone in our office was as affected by this terrible tragedy and loss of life as if it had happened to us. We were saddened and sickened by it and feared for many of our co-workers, several of whom are located in New York.

The event was much worse than the media let on. I suspect the government has issued some kind of warning to the media. Yesterday around noon
(on the radio), we had heard that there were 7 or 8
planes involved and one or two of them crashed at or near Camp David. By 12:30, when I turned on the television (and for the rest of the night), all we heard was there were four planes that were hijacked and crashed.

I checked the paper today and the line is still just stating four planes!! I am beginning to wonder how much worse it really was than the media was allowed to let on. That thought is very worrisome.


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