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Re: Life: is that really OT?

From: Scott Shafer <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 08:10:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>


You are a sadly misinformed individual. Please, before spouting apologist garbage like this in a public forum, learn something about what you are discussing. Talk to some of your SAS guys, and pay attention to what they have to say. They know more about the psychology of terror than you could hope to comprehend.

The only way to prevent this from occuring again is to ensure that the capability and WILL to do it no longer exists. Terrorists have left no room for negotiation. They do not attack militarily viable targets. They target civilians - children, crippled, men, women, etc. All non-combatants. Terrorists are the lowest form of coward this earth has ever seen. They will not stop until they are forced to. The world is a big school yard. You will be pushed until you push back. Get used to it.

These terrorists have made themselves into a military target through their actions. Anyone aiding or sheltering these terrorists (whoever they may be) is no longer a non-combatant. I hope the US government responds with wisdom, accuracy, and ruthless efficiency.

Scott Shafer
San Antonio, TX

Greg Solomon wrote:
> My deepest sympathies to anyone who has a personal connection to the events
> that have occurred.
> It's sad that people are celebrating. Perhaps some of them have their own
> sorrows and horrors, perhaps some are young and stupid, and perhaps some are
> just sick or evil or both. But I think we've seen right here on Oracle-L
> that inappropriate responses are not confined to the Middle East.
> But saddest of all, IMHO, is the mindview expressed so well by the following
> comment.
> "We need to be cool, calm, convinced and know what we want to hit - and
> utterly destroy it. Completely." Well, that's probably a very succinct way
> of expressing the core beliefs of each of the murderers involved in creating
> this ghastly mess. To anyone who calls for an air strike anywhere as a
> result of this, I hope that lots and lots of people stand up and reply,
> "THIS WAS AN AIR STRIKE, YOU IDIOT. This is EXACTLY what you're suggesting
> should be repeated in someone else's country. Innocent people suffering,
> lots of them. Many of whom will probably sincerely regret the events of
> 11th September 2001 and feel no sympathies for those responsible, regardless
> of what their government may be saying at the time."
> Perhaps you could be cool, calm, convinced and know what you want your
> country to ACHIEVE ... and presumably the primary goal is that this tragedy
> is never repeated, anywhere in the world. I suggest that airport security
> looks like a good place to start, possibly also the lock on the door from
> the cabin to the cockpit.
> Please leave the terror to the terrorists.
> Again, to those suffering our thoughts are with you.
> Greg Solomon
> London UK

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