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Re: db engines VS flat files

From: Greg Moore <>
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 16:08:54 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> perl for handling large amounts of data (sets of flats files

People tend to push the kind of technology they are familiar with.

I've seen SQL scripts that spooled out some data to a flat file, which was then processed by a series of UNIX shell scripts. By making a simple change to the SQL and adding a two SQL*Plus SET commands, I was able to produce the flat file in exactly the form desired, eliminating the need for a half dozen UNIX fairly complex shell scripts, awk, etc.

I have no idea whether flat files and Perl, or Oracle, would be best for your system. But if the people proposing the flat file approach are all expert Perl coders who have very little experience with Oracle, their recommendations are suspect. They may just be proposing that solution because it's what they know best. They may be completely unaware of dozens or even hundreds of advantages you would miss if you don't use a relational database. It might be wise to bring in a top notch Oracle architect for a couple of weeks for a second opinion before making a decision to go back to the Stone Age and store huge amounts of data in flat files.

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