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Re:OT: Hardware for DB server

From: Jan Pruner <>
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 08:51:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Now is it the first item on my list.


Dne p 7. z? 2001 15:21 jste napsal(a):
> Jan,
> I'm not totally sure on all of what your asking, but that's OK, my
> recommendation would be:
> HP-9000 L2000 2 way
> Support is great, especially if you buy into Predictive Support but that
> can get costly depending on your needs. Upgrades are available and are
> easy. These machines were built around being changeable. The only time
> you really have a problem is if the bus card which sits in the absolute
> middle of the box goes bad, Haven't seen that happen yet. Otherwise just
> pop open the front or back lid and replace what needs replacing. I believe
> they're going for around US$ 20K right about now (don't quote me on that)
> and you'll need to add in some storage array. Our standard here is EMC
> which gets expensive as well, but we have not had a single down on that
> system since it arrived two years ago. Almost makes you want to stop using
> archivelog mode.
> Dick Goulet
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> Author: Jan Pruner <>
> Date: 9/7/2001 4:55 AM
> Hi all,
> I have to buy new db server.
> I'm using Oracle on *nix with cca 10GB db for 3-tier architecture software.
> The IS will have about 300-500 users (parallel cca 200) and the operations
> are mostly transactional.
> My question is about HW.
> Have I use Intel or Sparc?
> What do you recommend and what's your experience with support, upgrade and
> TCO?
> Thanks
> Jan Pruner

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