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OT : Funny

From: Garner, John (NESL-IT) <>
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 02:52:19 -0700
Message-ID: <>

This is toppa!

>DreamWorks announced today they plan to make a film of the momentous
football match that took place on >Saturday 2nd September 2001. "Five-One" is the tentative title of what could be next year's big summer >hit, depicting the American national soccer team's stunning victory over Germany.

>Nicholas Cage heads an all star cast as the captain of the brave US Soccer
team haunted by the trauma
>of losing in the 2000 World Cup final on penalties and the death of his
wife in a riot caused by
>English football hooligans, and finds love in the arms of a female sports
journalist played by Julia
>Roberts. Mel Gibson is the no-nonsense Swedish coach who leads them to
glory, with Keanu Reeves, Ben
>Affleck, Matt Damon and Will Smith playing some of Cage's heroic team
mates. Jeremy Irons is set to
>star as Sir Nigel Villiers-Smythe, the dastardly Englishman who coaches the
German team and forces them
>to play with poisoned-tipped studs to try and cheat the heroic American
team out of victory.
>Director Steven Spielberg defended the film-makers' decision to focus on
the American contribution to
>the victory over Germany and inaccurate and even imagined events in the
story, saying, "Obviously we've >had to take some artistic licence to make the story work on film, but I hope that what we produce will >be true to the spirit of what happened on that famous night."

Oh it made me laugh!!

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