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RE: Scripts for Rebuilding Indexes Nightly on Solaris

From: Post, Ethan <>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 17:33:21 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I would add that using the MONITORING option is a great way to begin to look for tables that have indexes that might need rebuilding. You can query the DBA_TAB_MODIFICATIONS view to see what tables have a lot of delete/insert activity.

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>Subject: RE: Scripts for Rebuilding Indexes Nightly on Solaris
>First off, checking on a regular basis for indexes that need
>rebuilding is
>fine, but don't rebuild all of them every night. Not only is
>it unnecessary,
>it can cause lots of problems. Only rebuild the indexes you
>need to--the
>ones who are significantly browned, have a significant percentage of
>deletes, or whose height is significant.
>Second, setting up a cron job is indeed a good idea. And David
>is right that
>you want to make sure to explicitly set up your environment,
>but not for the
>reason he suggests. The problem isn't that the job runs as
>root. If it were
>the case that every cron job on a UNIX box ran as root, then
>that would be a
>mighty big security hole. The issue is that when running a
>cron job, the
>account under which it runs does not automatically get its environment
>initialized by running .profile as it does when you log in. Thus, the
>environment must be specifically laid out.
>Hope this helps.
>Jon Walthour

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