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Re: Veritas feature disable - Slightly OT

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 13:30:04 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"O'Neill, Sean" wrote:
> I know this is probably a case of RTFM.... BUT, BUT, BUT, if it is
> relatively simple to answer please do. The tape backup software here is
> Veritas Backup Exec which is managed by someone else (job demarcation!). I
> don't use it or have experience of it. We've had the odd occurrence of SIDs
> crashing because the software was accessing say a Control file when Oracle
> wanted to use it. I've provided a list of locations of files that don't
> need to go to tape as we do disk-to-disk backups but some times the tape
> backup configurations get messed up and files creep back into sequence.
> I've heard there is a way to configure Veritas software so that it won't put
> a lock on a file which would cause Oracle SID to crash. So at long last my
> question is how do you configure it to do so?
> Sean :)


You can configure that by default, all jobs do not use a lock on a file being backed up.
(usually a good thing in the NT world).
You can configure within the job properties to not use a lock. (dbl-click the job, go to the second panel) You can also configure a pre-backup and post backup job to run prior to and after the selected entries have been written to tape (and optionally verified).
This is best done by putting all pre-job commands in a single batch file (and one for post).
A well configured online (hot) backup job will not touch any control files of an open database.
It will use the Oracle Intelligent Agent to read the data dictionary to put tablespaces into backup mode (sequentially) and create a backup control file at the end of the job.
A well configured cold backup job will *properly* shut down the instance, backup all files including control files, online redo logs, parameter files, alert logs, archived redo logs. (just grab the entire tree under %ORACLE_BASE%\Admin\%DB_NAME%). Depending upon your convictions, you might want to perform a

        shutdown abort
        startup restrict
        shutdown normal

prior to your cold backup job.

If the backup job is configured to access Oracle datafiles, controlfiles, online redo logs while the instance is open - you are asking for trouble. This is due to fact that backups usually run under an admin$ share - and will override whatever locks are currently being held by the oracle process.



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