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OT: Recruiting DBAs for in London

From: Jeremiah Wilton <>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 19:12:57 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Sorry for the recruiting spam. I asked permission first. I'll keep it brief.

Though usually incognito, I occasionally reveal my corporate identity as a long-time employee of We're an all-Oracle/Unix shop looking for DBAs to build a new database operations center in the UK.

I am personally recruiting for these positions, which, despite my vehement protestations, will require me to travel to the headquarters outside London for three weeks in October ;-)

I'll paste the full job description from our website at the end of this message, but let me explain what type of candidate I am seeking for for the fledgling UK team. We are primarily interesed in very intelligent individuals who have, in their career, demonstrated an ability to progress quickly to a position of significant responsibility, and who have become proficient in a range of new skills within a short period of time. These may include people who do not necessarily have an extensive record of experience in Oracle. Candidates definitely do not need to posess abilities in all areas listed in the job specification.

If you are interested in checking us out, send your C.V. and cover letter to my email address at Amazon,

Well, here's the job description from our website:

Database Administrator, #01-0006648 is seeking a talented Oracle database administrator. The ideal candidate will have full life-cycle experience from requirements gathering to logical and physical modeling, design, development, testing, implementation, and tuning. Three to five years of Oracle DBA
(Oracle 8) experience is required. Experience should include
architecture design, capacity planning, performance tuning, back-up and recovery, and 24/7 operational support, preferably in a large-scale (>500GB) e-commerce environment with high availability. Strong Unix skills (HP, Digital, and Sun platforms) in either a systems administration or systems engineering role is also required. Additionally, experience in custom relational database development, data warehousing, and packaged ERP applications
(Financials, PeopleSoft) is also strongly desired. Compensation
includes stock options.

We're also recruiting for DBA and DBA Manager positions in Seattle, so feel free to mail me if you are interested in those.

Thanks, and now back to our on-topic content.

Jeremiah Wilton

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