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RE: 9i NT

From: A. Bardeen <>
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 08:16:39 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Scott and Tom,

You're both right.

Prior to 8i there were two services:
oracleservice<sid> and oraclestart<sid>. The start service controlled whether the db should attempt to be started automatically.

Starting with 8i there is only the oracleservice<sid> service. The start service was replaced by the registry entry ORA_<sid>_AUTOSTART that controls whether the db should attempt to be started automatically.

Keep in mind that in either case, the status of oracleservice<sid> cannot be used to identify whether the db is open. The exception is that if oracleservice<sid> is stopped then the db cannot be open.

The start service or the ORA_<sid>_AUTOSTART registry entry merely determine whether the appropriate version of oradim should be called to start up the db. Prior to 8i, this call to oradim is made via the %ORACLE_HOME%\DATABASE\STRT<sid>.CMD file; in 8i+ a call is made to oradim directly.

The status of the service does not change based on the outcome of the call to oradim, so if oradim is unable to open the db (e.g. media recovery is needed) the service will still show as started. Nor does the status change if the db is manually shutdown.

When creating the services via oradim the -STARTMODE AUTO option controls whether the appropriate start service is created or registry entry is set.

There have been several bugs in the various releases where the services were unable to start up the db automatically. In earlier releases, for example, tabs in the pfile would prevent oradim from starting up the db, but the db started fine via svrmgrl.


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