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Re: Datawarehouse suggestions?

From: Thater, William <>
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 06:45:08 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Rachel Carmichael wrote:

> Okay, first the rant.... they want me to build a new database to hold
> logs of every time someone hits a page on our website or uses one of
> the functions on the site. Without a new server or disk, on a box
> that currently holds the OLTP database, on a disk array that is RAID 5
> and that EMC wants to take BACK disks from. In other words, they want
> magic. Where did I leave that rabbit and hat?

OK this is just plain stupid, but it's what you have to live with.

> Oh yeah, did I mention that they want this to be a reporting database
> for external customers (read revenue stream) and want these external
> people to be able to query on any combination of columns -- so they
> want indexes on EVERY column.

one thing about data warehouses is that your decrease your level of normalization, and expect redundant data. if you can figure out in advance what MOST of the queries will be like, try to lay out the tables so that there is no or little joining for them.. yes that means fields will be repeated. and i can't wee where indexing every column will help, but far be it from me to disagree.

and like you don't know what i just said? but then i always did have the talent for pointing out the obvious.;-)

and where are you doing the data scrubbing?

> I will have a nightly maintenance window for loads of prior day's
> data. I'm thinking to do a shutdown, change the init.ora to tune for
> heavy batch, startup, drop indexes, load data, recreate indexes,
> shutdown, backup, startup with init.ora tuned for querying.

sounds like a plan to me.

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