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RE: database consistency tools ?

From: Reardon, Bruce (CALBBAY) <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 15:51:50 -0700
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Also look into the dbv (Database Verify tool).

In the 817 documentation this is covered in the "Oracle8i Utilities" manual, chapter 9.

Also see Metalink note ase_id=NOT&p_id=32969.1 for a good overview of dbv, dbms_repair and other Database Block Checking Features.

DBV itself is discussed in detail in Metalink note ase_id=NOT&p_id=35512.1.

Bruce Reardon

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Maya, see Oracle 8i Administrator's Guide, the chapter on "Addressing Data Block Corruption." Or try a search of the docs for "dbms_repair". This is what you are looking for.

Oracle DBA's don't seem to always place as great of emphasis on this type of checking as Sybase DBA's, who seem to be very intent on checking/verifying their blocks, etc., on a regular basis, looking for corruption.

If your version of Oracle is not current it may not even support dbms_repair. Another way of doing this is by doing an export and checking for errors. Export will find them, so if your system is already set up to do regular exports as part of a backup plan, read up on how to find errors reported by Oracle's export utility.


Excuse me for this maybe dummy question, I am new at Oracle and coming from Sybase world, I subscribed to this list 1 week ago. If my question is answered somewhere in archived place, please feel free to direct me to this place.  

I am looking for Oracle built-in tools to check/verify consistency of the db/tables/indexes etc...  

Sybase provides a set of tools to verify/check/repair the database/tables/indexes logical and physical consistency called dbcc . This will allow to check allocation structures , page and object linkage
(sybase page is equivalent to an oracle block and an object is a

To say that in Oracle words, the tools will verify that the oracle block(s)/extent(s) which are allocated to an object is/are effectively allocated to this object and that the different blocks/extents(s) are correctly linked together.  

Does this make sense to you ?  

Thanks, Maya      

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