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Re: UTL_FILE and ksh

From: Charlie Mengler <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 12:14:45 -0700
Message-ID: <>

One solution for the "make sure the file is complete problem" is for the script that is actually doing the file creatation is to write/create it into a subdirectory of the target folder. Once the file is closed & complete, the script simply moves or renames the file into the target directory. This method "guarentees" that if/when it exists that the file is closed.

Another solution if for an external process to maintain file which contains the names of files are are complete and ready for PL/SQL processing.

HTH & YMMV! "Post, Ethan" wrote:
> I have a directory that another process will be placing files in and I will
> be processing them using the UTL_FILE package. I wish there was a way to
> list the contents of a directory from PLSQL but I don't think that there is.
> My solution at this point is cron out a ksh script that will check the
> directory and call the procedure to handle the file. I need to check if the
> file is still being written to. I am checking to see if the file is
> writable but even when the file was opened by another session using VI it
> came back as writable so that does not appear to work. What are your
> solutions to this problem. Some of my other thoughts are to have the
> processes writing the file to only make the file readable to other processes
> once it is complete?

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