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PeopleSoft8 Oddities

From: Henry Poras <>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 13:43:32 -0700
Message-ID: <>

OK, the subject is a bit redundant. We recently upgraded our HR system to PeopleSoft8, and I have noticed some strange stuff with 2-tier connections. Just thought I'ld toss this out and see if anyone else has seen the same kind of stuff.

In the past, when a user logged on 2-tier, an entry would be made to v$session when the user logged on, and it would remain till the user logged off. V$session.program would also show something like C:\...\ptools.exe and v$session.osuser as the PC user. Now, however, sessions seem to pop in and out. I have seen sessions come and go on v$session. I have also had a user connect, be idle, shut down the listener, have them run something, and get a Cannot Connect error. Also, v$session.program now shows PSAPPSRV with an osuser of the osuser which spawned the application server. If I trace the session back to v$process and look at the spid, the UNIX process points to a dedicated shadow process as expected, not the appserver. The appserver, however, must be touched or how would it know the osuser? (I haven't had a chance to test this with the appserver shut down). Man that's confusing.

If anyone out there is interested in this stuff I will be glad to post more if and when I find it.



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Author: Henry Poras

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