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WAS: !! *Very* important Oracle-L message !!

From: Scott Shafer <>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 10:46:00 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Just shoot me an email if you get to San Antonio. We could even meet for a long lunch in New Braunfels or sumthin', as I live an work in the NE part of SA. That goes for anyone in the area. My schedule keeps me hopping, but I can usually break free for a time.

Scott Shafer
San Antonio, TX
w: 210-581-6217 wrote:
> I didn't put OT in the header because I think this is very on topic. I
> will be emailing Bruce to see what he needs, or feels is a fair
> contribution for my participation in this list through the years. I have
> gained so much from the members of this list. Without those who
> participate, both past and present, I would never have progressed as far
> along the DBA route as I have. Ofttimes, I'll read about a problem someone
> has posted here and, although I can't help them, I do copious research to
> further my education and knowledge. Many of these problems have
> subsequently cropped up within my DB's, and I am much better prepared to
> handle them as a result. I also save, research, and test many of the
> scripts posted here. Some work, some don't, some can afford to be tweaked,
> but playing with them has given me a deeper understanding of what goes into
> being a DBA (plus I've now got a great toolkit - just need to learn PERL!).
> I pay for my subscription to the daily newspaper. This forum is at least
> as valuable to me as the newspaper (I even get the comic section here).
> There is a cost to the Internet - that's why many of us have jobs. I urge
> the members of this community to search their conciouses and give what they
> can to help this forum prosper.
> Someday I'd like to make it to OOW and meet some of you (heck, I've thought
> about driving down to San Antonio just to meet Scott. Does Mladen ever
> leave his cave?)
> Regards,
> David A. Barbour
> Oracle DBA, OCP
> 512-414-1002

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Author: Scott Shafer

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