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Re: !! *Very* important Oracle-L message !!

From: John Carlson <>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 09:57:50 -0700
Message-ID: <>

As I see it, he needs $500 per month for 4 or 5 months.  Lets just round that to 6 months times $500 or $3000.  
I don't know how many people are on his 60+ mailing list but just guessing, I believe if only 1/4th the people contributed $1 per month for 6 months or just $6 that would cover it.
I am willing to donate up to $5 per month for up to 6 months paid either monthly or a lump sum depending on what he needs. Just like in Public Television or Radio, I challenge everyone on the list to join me with an equal pledge.
John Carlson
>>> 08/28/01 03:28PM
>>>Ok, now that I have your attention, please read the
following message fromBruce Bergman,owner of  It concerns the future of this list.Please read the entire message before replying.Thank you.Jared Still  ( List Owner

)-------------------------------------------Hello ORACLE-L 
list members --I would like to take a few minutes of your time for a "State of the Union"address, if you can call it that.  This is a rather serious message, and Irequest that you take the time to read this message entirely.  I've got aproblem that needs resolution this week, and I'm hoping you folks can helpme come to a conclusion.  This message turned out to be fairlylong-winded, so please excuse me for that. :-)Fat City ( is my company, and I am the provider of the listservices that you receive ORACLE-L through.  I've been hosting Internetmailing lists for over 10 years, and carry quite a few lists, including abig selection of Oracle-related lists (14, in fact).  Fat City has alwaysbeen a labor of love for me.  Over the years it has rarely generated anyincome at all, and it usually does not cover my expenses -- most of thetimeit is a monthly loss for me.  The vast majority of my 60+ mailing listshavebeen hosted for free, at my expense (as is the ORACLE-L list, for example).Yet I have absorbed these costs because I enjoy hosting discussion listsand I know a lot of lists can't afford to pay for quality service.I am soon to be one of the Rhythms Orphans.  Rhythms, my DSL provider, hasgone bankrupt and will be out of business by 10-Sep-2001.  I need to findanother provider of high-speed Internet in order to continue operations.  Iam at the point of either folding shop completely and going out of businessmyself, or trying to make Fat City a viable, money-making endeavor.  I needto make this decision by this Friday (for financial and planning reasons).After Friday, I am committed one way or the other.My upstream ISP and I are on very good terms, and in fact, I've been acustomer of theirs since 1985!  As a result, they have graciously offeredto help me out of this situation at considerable expense to themselves.I'm not at liberty to discuss the terms of the contract I would engage inwith them, but suffice to say that is one of those once-in-a-lifetimeopportunities that I'd be a fool to pass up.  I have this offer personallyfrom the President of that company, if I want it.  Simply said, my abilityto take them up on their offer and switch Fat City over to a dedicated T1orbetter solution revolves around being able to generate quite a bit ofadditionalincome per month, and very soon.  In an effort to be open and up-front withyou folks about this, I basically need to generate an additional $500 morepermonth. Right now that seems daunting, but I've been working hard to line upthatadditional income, and I believe I can do it.  Just not right away.  Myestimates are that it will take me four or five months to come up to thatlevel.  I need to get out there and sell website hosting and list hostingpackages, and get new customers.  That takes time, unfortunately.  I need abuffer to enable me to get past this startup phase.After some discussions with Jared (the list owner), and some encouragementfrom him, I am coming to you to ask for you help in keeping Fat Cityfinancially afloat until I can be self sufficient.  I'm not asking for aspecific dollar amount from anyone, nor am I *expecting* anything from youfolks.  But if it is within your power to contribute some money towardsthisend (and yes, I know these are hard financial times for everyone), I amhoping you can help.  If I can get sufficient promise of funds that willseeme through the next few months, I am willing to jump in with both feet andmake Fat City a viable business.  If it looks like the contributions arenotsufficient to enable me to do that, I will cease operations within the next45-60 days.Let me be clear about a few things: If I *do* cease operations, I will giveall of my lists time to find new list providers, and will make every effortto aid the shift over to the new provider, provide list dumps, archives,mail forwarding, etc.  Even though Rhythms goes out of business on10-Sep-2001, I have secured service until at least 10-Oct-2001 to enablethis to happen.  So don't worry about having to rush into your conversionifthings don't work out.  I would also like to clearly state that this is notsome attempt to blackmail or coerce anyone into coming up with money.  Thiswill either succeed or fail based on what you folks can comfortably andwillingly contribute.  If I had the ability to cover this startup periodmyself,I would definitely do so.  If Fat City ultimately goes under, it wil NOT beyour fault, and I hold no one to blame.  That's just how the Internet cardsare right now.  I do not want anyone to contribute if they don't havethe money, or if things are tight at home, or anything like that.  I wouldlike contributions to be made from those who are able to make such acontribution willingly.Also, I don't want anyone to send any money right now.  Basically I justwant a show of hands of those who could contribute something to this cause.Send me ( or Jared ( an E-mail sayingwhat amount you'd be willing to contribute.  If you would rather donateanonymously, perhaps Jared could collect those donations.  I will "passaround the hat" until Friday morning, at which point I'll see if there weresufficient pledges to enable me to move forward.  If it seems like thereis,then I will come up with a way for you to honor your pledge (probablyeitherdirectly to me via check or via PayPal, most likely).  The funds can becollected in the next few weeks, but I must make my decision on Friday.  Iapologize for the late notice on this, but I was not given this offer by myISP until late last week.In return for your contributions, I promise the following things:- I will use all contributions ONLY for the express purpose of paying formyInternet service costs- I will continue to host the ORACLE-L list for free for the forseeable,indefinite future- I will make no more requests of this list for contributions of this sort- I will provide a full accounting and update to the list on the costs andhow the funds are being used- I will make improvements to the list that will enhance your features andperformance (for example, faster turn-around on list postings, etc)- I will at least carry though for the next calendar year unless I havecatastrophic financial failurePlease note that the ODTUG organization is already making a considerablecontribution by way of a monthly payment for service, so they are alreadyaware of this situation and are actively helping out.  There are a goodnumber of people here who are on the ODTUG lists too, so I wanted to pointthat out ahead of time and let you know that they are being very helpful.Another way you could contribute would be to come to Fat City for your listhosting or website hosting needs.  I had just started offering websitehosting services before this mess started, and obviously, a monthly payingcustomer is far better than a one-time contribution.  If you go to<A href=""> and click on the "Website Hosting" link, you cancheck out the packages I offer.  In an effort to get new customers, I amwilling to waive all setup fees in order to bring new customers on board.If you become a customer here in the next couple of months, that would helptremendously.  If you have an interest in hosting your website (personal orbusiness) with us, -or- a want to start a new mailing list, please contactme for details.I know this is a lot to ask of you folks.  You are entirely welcome to justtell me to jump in a lake, and that that's how business is right now.  ButIknow many of you personally, either from ODTUG conferences or from otherOracle events, and I also know how staunchly you support this mailing listwith useful information, humor, helpfulness and an eye toward quality.  Iwould like to think that you find Fat City to be the best place to hostyourlist, and that you will want to help me out so that I can continue toprovide the list to you folks free of charge.  I made a promise to Jaredyears ago to host this list for free because I think it is one of the bestand most valuable resources out there.  I intend to honor that promise tohim by continuing to provide it for free.  If it turns out that I mustcloseshop and call it quits, at least I will have known I did my best to make itsucceed, and I did so without having to reneg on committments I hadmade in the past.I am being open and honest with everyone because I believe that this is thebest way to succeed.  I believe you appreciate this kind of approach, and Iwant you to know that regardless of what happens, I certainly appreciateevery consideration you give this request.  Whether or not this succeeds, Iknow that you are a great group of people and I wish this list the bestluckin this life, or the next. :-)Remember, time is of the essence.  The sooner I hear from people whocan help, the sooner I can nail down a line of approach.  If you have anyquestions or concerns, please E-mail me.Thanks everyone!Bruce BergmanPresident, Fat City Network Services-- Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ: Author:
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