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OT: Why you want to be a DBA and other stories

From: <>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 07:48:10 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi All,

        Meanderings on various topics brought on by the fact that I am just about to start a 3 month leave of absence for my honeymoon. Kids are grown, mortgage is paid, time for a HOLIDAY!!!

Any members of the list who reside in Portugal and would be interested in getting together please email me offline. We are planning on starting in the North at Santiago de Compostenala and wandering south to the Algarve. If it is cold and rainy we will move south quicker :)

As we will be visiting family in England first, anyone in the Sheffield, Hull, down through Leiscester and Luton areas please feel free to contact me. We will be in the UK from Sept 8 through the 14

Linux and Oracle

        If you are going to run a serious Linux box learn to how to compile kernels and what the library dependencies are. The distribution is irrelevant. The kernel and libraries are what is important. My current production box was originally a Slackware 1.2.13 distro, I doubt any of it is left. Kernel 2.2.9 and I don't remember what I had to do for the libraries is what is currently on the server. My webservers are 2.2.19 and nicely
stable but my dbserver had it's first crash in over 200 days recently so I am not touching it. Oracle 8.0.5 pre production. (Over 200 days, I wonder if it is related to the SUN 248 day bug)   


        Having just purchased a Compaq IPAQ to keep in touch I am extremely impressed. It is basically equivalent to the 486 DX33 I had on my desk 5 - 6 years ago. It is capable of being my main computer. I just wish they would break this stupid dependency on syncing with a desktop. I would load Linux on it but I just don't have the time right now. The expansion pack allows the use of most PCMCIA and Compact Flash cards.


        I am sure glad that the dispute over vaccination did not exist when we were raising our litltle ones. Having seen a child with whooping cough, and having worked with autistic kids (whooping cough vaccine is known to cause autism in a very small percentage of cases) I don't know which is worse. I think the only rational way is to look at the odds,
in most cases the safest course of action is to get vaccinated

        I do not receive any posting with HTML in it. This removes 70% of the boring RTFM type questions. The downside is I do not get to see Lisa's and Matt's questions and answers anymore Sigh.... Do I have to beg?? I notice the prolific off topic posters rarely include HTML :) Along the same lines is editing replies to shorten the original postings would be another courteous action many could take . Again the HTML stripper I use often works since at least one of the quoted people use HTML.

Having been on the list for a number of years now, I must say that as social meeting place it ihas become much better, as a technical resource
it is slightly worse, and I still read it as avidly as ever.

My thanks to Jared and Bruce



Dave Morgan
Calgary's Online Rental Marketplace
403 399 2442

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