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Re: Preventing logins from applications

From: Joe Testa <>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 03:45:17 -0700
Message-ID: <>

we have prevented DML, but not selects, we didnt much care about selects but changes were not allowed except thru the app.

we used the procedure set_client_info, read_client_info which are part of the dbms_application_info package, here is the 10 second guide to implementation:

this assumes you can alter the app.

  1. your app upon login to the database calls the set_client_info with some "key", it can be 40 bytes and we usually made it 40 random characters.
  2. a table exists with one or more "valid key"
  3. a before insert,update,delete trigger exists on every table that you want to have security on, it read the client info(via read_client_info proc), compares it to legal values in the "valid key" table. If it matches, drop out of the trigger, if it does not match, raise an exception, stating invalid appl for updates, notify.......
  4. We used this not only as a way to make sure only certain apps could update, but when we put out a new version, we changed the key, and didnt let the old version into the database to do updates, since we removed the old keys from the tables.

If you want to see some specifics of how we did it, email me direct.

Denham Eva wrote:
> Hi Gurus
> Has anyone ever had to prevent users from accessing the Database from other
> applications other than those sanctioned by the company.
> ie prevent users accessing the database using Microsoft's Access and yet
> still be able to access via the company application which also uses ODBC.
> OR preventing users accessing the DB via sqlplus but still through the app.
> I would appreciate any knowledge that can be shared on this topic.
> Many Thanks
> Denham

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