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Re: Logical Backup for a large database

From: Stephane Faroult <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 13:48:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Mitchell wrote:
> DBAs
> Last week one of my user dropped a table since we don't have any backup
> except for rman backup. It is not allowe me to do any recovery on 7/24
> database. Anyway we recreate the table(we are lucky, this table hold
> parameters)
> This make me think of situation of lossing very important big table. We have
> about 1000 tables with bigget one of 8GB .
> Is there any idea how to perform a logical backup on a database with 150GBs.
> Or take a TSPITR in case of those kind of thing happen again. From my
> case, imp/exp looks impossibe from point of view of timing and spacing. The
> question will be the same for TSOITR on large database. Is there any other
> way to prepre those kind of situation.
> Mitchell


  As far as 'taking a backup' is concerned, exp is OK, or can be if you export on a per-table (or per table list) basis and run several exports in parallel. In direct mode it is very fast. Of course, recovering with imp is another matter. There are scripts (Korn-shell of death) on the Oriole site doing this and, possibly more important, discussing (in the comments) a number of alternative solutions. The other technique (still on a per-table basis and still in parallel) is dumping to flat files and using SQL*Loader to reload. We have a product which is not as fast as exp in direct mode but pretty close, and faster tha exp in conventional mode, and if you have a sufficiently large maintenance window even a SQL*Plus spool may be an acceptable solution. Beware that you lose 'CONSISTENT=Y' though with several parallel exports or dumps. Of course you musn't shy away from deactivating /reactivating triggers and constraints when reloading.

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