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DBVERIFY on system ts

From: Mark Marsden <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 02:34:55 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi all

If I run dbverify on the system ts (or rbs ts AND on different dbs) I get the following:

DBVERIFY - Verification starting : FILE = /dpp/test01/HOUR/HOURsystem01.dbf Block Checking: DBA = 67108867, Block Type = Undo data block ERROR: Undo Block Corrupted. Error Code = 2005 ktu4ubck: Undo Record addr did not aligned to boundary   record number=1, addr=080d6392, aligned addr=080d6394 UNDO BLK HEADER:
xid: 0x0000.02f.00000166 seq: 0x1c5 cnt: 0x24 irb: 0x24 icl: 0x0 flg: 0x0000

Looks serious but the summary looks ok and the dbs seems ok. I tried it on a newly created db and don't get it and the dbverify docs say nothing.
Should I be worried about this?

DBVERIFY - Verification complete

Total Pages Examined         : 51200
Total Pages Processed (Data) : 20271
Total Pages Failing   (Data) : 0
Total Pages Processed (Index): 7773
Total Pages Failing   (Index): 0
Total Pages Processed (Other): 4951
Total Pages Empty            : 18205
Total Pages Marked Corrupt   : 0
Total Pages Influx           : 0

Cheers for any feedback

Mark Marsden.

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