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RE: How do they get the answer?

From: Shreter, Hilary <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 12:29:49 -0700
Message-ID: <>

They can't give any raises this year. 
They have to hire a data modeler using those monies.  There were at least four raises that could be used for this purpose.

  face=Tahoma>-----Original Message-----From: Brian McGraw   []Sent: Tuesday, August   21, 2001 3:26 PMTo: Multiple recipients of list   ORACLE-LSubject: Re: How do they get the   answer?It's possible, but not the only possibility.    Therefore you can't answer A.
  And if you're not certain, you can't answer the question.  Because   this is the Oracle OCP exam.  The thing that you've studied night   and day for.  Everything you learned in the two-night class preparing you   for database administration and nuclear physics.  This is crunch time,   baby - right or wrong?  You make the call.  Pressure's on.    Which will it be?  What if this is the question that will put me   under that passing grade.  A or C?  A or C?  Which will it   be?  What will I do?????  You want the truth?  You want the   truth?  You can't handle the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I'm heading back to the espresso machine now...   Brian
  JOE TESTA wrote:
   i still stand by(reading into the question)     that it could be only 2 teachers get a raise, if the same 2 teachers teach     both of those courses.  would they get twice as much of a raise?     :) joe 
    >>> 08/21/01 12:52PM >>> in the where     clause, the IN says "any teachers that are in any of these subjects. Since     there are two subjects in the IN set and at least 2 teachers have to teach     each subject, 2*2=4. Basic mathematics: at least 4 teachers will get a     raise.
    Jon Walthour > > From: > Date:     2001/08/21 Tue PM 12:25:54 EDT > To: Multiple recipients of list     ORACLE-L <> > Subject: How do they get the     answer? > > I am taking the Self-Test software test for the     SQL exam > and don't see how they get the answer to this problem.
> They don't explain how it is arrived at. > > Any help
    you can give me will be appreciated. > > Thanks, > Ken

    Janusz, CPIM > > ---------------------------------- > 

> Examine the structure of the TEACHER table: > >
    Null?        Type > 

    NOT NULL    NUMBER(9) >

    NUMBER > (7,2) >
    NOT NULL    NUMBER(3) >
    VARCHAR2(2) > > There are 200 teachers and 15 subjects.      Each subject is > taught > by at least 2 teachers. >
> Evaluate this PL/SQL block: > > DECLARE
    v_pct_raise        number := 1.10; 

> BEGIN >    

    UPDATE        teacher
    SET        salary = salary * 1.10 

    WHERE        subject_id IN (102, 105);     >     COMMIT; > END; > >
    Which result will the PL/SQL block provide? > > (A) Only two     teachers will receive a 10% salary increase. > (B) All of the     teachers will receive a 10% salary > increase. > (C) At least     four teachers will receive a 10% salary > increase. > (D) A     syntax error will occur. > > Answer: > (C) >
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