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RE: OT - Vaccines

From: Khedr, Waleed <Waleed.Khedr_at_FMR.COM>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 11:34:43 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I like to joke with my friends and always say that the recent generations should be called the antibiotic generations.

Before this invention there was only one law: Natural selection (or election) which the strong survive and the weak die.

But now everybody survives (genetically strong, weak, or genetically corrupted).

Also technology has to do with this:
spending most of the time indoors watching TV, video, game stations, junk/fast food, etc.

Have a nice weekend,


  face=Tahoma>-----Original Message-----From: JOE TESTA   []Sent: Friday, August 17, 2001 2:23   PMTo: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-LSubject: RE:   OT - Vaccines
  Lisa, we have to go batty, part of being a parent.    
  One who is 40 next jan with an 11 and 5 year old, with an 8 month old   tagging along, am i insane??????>>>   08/17/01 02:08PM >>>
  How on earth can a parent make the right   decisions?? All the information flying around on the list is pretty   unnerving.  Sure the numbers may be very low but the #1 thing I worry   about (and most other expectant parents) is the baby's health.  How do   all you parents do this without going batty....   But thanks for sharing all this info.       

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    actually, while the overall rate may well have     dropped, the US has an ABHORRENT record     in this department:
    Read this and *weep*
    href=""     target=_blank>     

    Note, also, that MOST of the reduction in IMR     have NOTHING to do with vaccines...most     of them have to do with congenital <FONT face=Arial     size=2>defects...perinatal complications...etc.      In fact, SIDS may be *directly correlated* to     increased vaccination:
    A quote:

    Happily, at least one country thinks it has a     solution:
    href=""     target=_blank>     3-v8-n4-p229.htm
    A quote: "(2) Crib deaths nearly disappeared in     Japan in 1975 when first inoculations     were postponed until the 24th month of life."     -----Original Message----- <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>Sent: Friday, August 17, 2001 12:16 PM <FONT     face=Arial size=2>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L     sicker? possibly. But the infant mortality rate     has dropped.
    >From: "Babette Turner-Underwood"
    <> <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>Reply-To: <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L     <> >Subject:
    RE: OT - Vaccines >Date: Fri, 17 Aug     2001 05:36:53 -0800 > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>>I wonder if there is a link between all of these     vaccines >that are forced upon our
    children and the increase in <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>childhood illnesses, such as asthma and allergies     >and ADHD and ...?? <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>> >Something has
    changed. With our new improved health <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>care system, I believe on average children are sicker     >than they were 20 or 30 years ago.     > >-
    babette > <FONT face=Arial

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    > <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>> >yikes.....the immune
    system is fabulously complex....second in complexity <FONT     face=Arial size=2>>only to the brain itself...and it is still very very     much in development >at early
    ages...this is why kids -- all kids -- get more colds, etc than     >us older folks...the system is literally     "learning" for the first few years >or     more. > <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>>Pounding this system with "new" vaccines...before it is     developed, or fully >able
    >to defend itself ( vaccines ARE basically     hobbled diseases, folks ) is <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>really >scary to me.
    > <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>>Also, and I may get chicken pox ( i did, and     mumps...) but >we get it by host to     host contact...NOT by *intravenous injection*  <FONT     face=Arial size=2>>directly >into
    the bloodstream where orders of magnitude more of disease vectors are     >introduced into the body than if they had to     pass through the skin or >mucosal
    linings.... > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>>just a thought..... <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> >-----Original
    Message----- >Sent: Thursday, August     16, 2001 4:45 PM >To: Multiple
    recipients of list ORACLE-L >
    > >Give
    the kid some baby motrin or baby tylenol prior to the shot.      Works >wonders.  I've got two who
    just got a round of vaccinations this week. <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> >Scott Shafer
    >San Antonio, TX <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>> > <FONT 
    face=Arial size=2>>Kathy Duret wrote: <FONT face=Arial 
    size=2>> > > > Thanks for the 

    link.   As a new parent of a 4 month old, I am always     >looking for things to read about
    newborns. > > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>> > Some Health centers (Long Beach, CA) are now     requiring children to have >TB
    >shots before they can be entered into day     care.  My pediatrician refuses <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>(thankfully) to do it before 6 months even if they have been     exposed to the >virus because of the     potential side effects. > >
    > > It is really hard to see my 4 month     old get three shots (they won't <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>split >them up I asked) at
    one time.  His little legs are so bruised afterwards. <FONT     face=Arial size=2>>It takes him a week to get back to normal.  But     often the benefits outweigh >the
    risks.  Just be aware of the side effects and watch them like a     hawk.  >I <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>>get up several times a night for several days after     the shots to check my >babies color,     breathing and temperature.  Better neurotic than sorry.     > > <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>> > My husband and I both go on vaccination day, so one can     comfort the baby >on the way home
    while the other drives.  I read somewhere that a doctor     >actually said they don't feel that much     pain.  He should have seen my <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>babies >legs and heard him
    scream. > > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>> > This is probably one of the worst things about     being a parent. > >
    > > kathy <FONT face=Arial
    size=2>> > > > -----Original
    Message----- > > Sent: Thursday,
    August 16, 2001 12:33 PM > > To:
    Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L >     > > > As having a few chicken
    pox scars (luckily in areas that are not seen) I <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>understand this some. >
    > > > The vaccine also prevents
    Shingles later in life.  Shingles normally <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>happens in older people where your immune system is     stressed/suppressed.  >It
    >is quite painful.  Even though I am not     very old, I have experienced >Shingles     and it ain't fun. > >
    > > Both Shingles and Chicken Pox are     forms of the Herpes Virus.  Cannot <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>remember which simplex, but not symplex 10 I'm sure.  And     not the same >symplex as your STD type     Herpes. > > <FONT
    face=Arial size=2>> > And if you live in Virginia, it's state law that     children are immunized >against
    Chicken Pox.  Before age 3 I believe. <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> > > > -----Original
    Message----- > > Sent: Thursday,
    August 16, 2001 3:14 PM > > To:
    Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L >     > > > There is a whole new class
    of vaccines the drug companies are pushing <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> > that are supposed to prevent generally non-life-threatening     illnesses > > like Chicken
    Pox.  Merck's Chicken Pox vaccine ad is particularly <FONT     face=Arial size=2>> > heinous, as it promotes the vaccine as     preventing cosmetic blemishes > >
    that result from Chicken Pox. >
    > > > Another in a long line of
    medicines for healthy people with unknown <FONT face=Arial     size=2>>long-term effects. >
    > > > If you are interested in
    Vaccine safety and dangers, there is an <FONT face=Arial     size=2>> > organization devoted to the subject: <FONT     face=Arial size=2>> > > >
    National Vaccine Information Center >     > <A href=""
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